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Half Moon Bay is a coastal city situated in San Mateo County, California. Close to the north of Half Moon Bay sits the Pillar Point Harbor and the unincorporated community of Princeton by the Sea. The city began as a rural agricultural area mostly used for grazing horses, oxen, and cattle used by Mission San Francisco de Assis which was established in June 1776. The city of Half Moon Bay started developing as the first real town in San Mateo County in the early 1840s. Originally named San Benito, the town was later renamed Spanishtown which brought the existence of a thriving fishing industry and added to its important agriculture. This made Spanishtown a culturally diverse community settled by people from across the world. The name Half Moon Bay came as a result of the crescent shaped harbor. The city was legitimately renamed as Half Moon Bay in 1874.Half Moon Bay has a lot to offer with some beautiful cliffs and water views from the city. With tourism included as a local industry, there must naturally be a good number of touristic sites in the area. The people’s popular spot is the ‘Jetty’ which is sometimes called ‘The Breakwater.’ Fishing can be seen among the people’s top activities. Some places not to miss while in Half Moon Bay are the Half Moon Bay Distillery, Mavericks, and The Half Moon Bay Coast side Trail. The city possesses a variety of restaurants like the Pasta Moon, Café Capistrano, and Sam’s Chowder House. The city has some schools like Manuel F. Cunha Intermediate School and Hatch Elementary School. Half Moon Bay is said to be safer than 32% of US States cities assisting with its trending real estate industry. With several homes available both for sale and rental properties Half Moon Bay is a great city to call home away from the business of the San Francisco Peninsula. It is a family friendly area and the dream destination of a good number of people.


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1 Princeton 1
1,375,000 1,375,000



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