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Colma, a small town founded as a necropolis back in 1924 by cemetery operators is situated in the San Mateo County, California. With most of its land dedicated to the population of the dead which was said to be about 1.5 million as of 2006, makes the population ratio of the dead to the living nearly a thousand to one. This has resulted in the area being called the “the city of the silent”. It has also brought about numerous mottos for the town some of which are slightly humorous. A recently recorded one was: “It’s great to be alive in Colma”.Despite being known as “the city of the silent,” Colma isn’t silent when it comes to education and other activities. The town is home to some great schools such as the Holy Angel Catholic School and the Lipman Middle School. The land of the dead as well offers some great restaurants like the Café Colma, Momiji and Ono Hawaiian BBQ. Tourists are known to storm this area as it is home to great touristic sites and some relaxation spots.Colma real estate is known to be unique with over 1,500 aboveground residents compared to 1.5 million underground. Politicians of the city brought some arguments that cemeteries spread disease which brought about the eviction of some cemeteries in the area. The true reason for this eviction was the trending real estate value. Residents in this area for the first few decades were mainly flower growers, gravediggers and monument makers. During the 1980s people involved in other business types started residing in the area. The little city is now home to several businesses including Home Depots, car dealerships, shopping centers and a game room.


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