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Here at The Valley, we go beyond the standard protocol to create a smooth and fulfilling buying experience for all our clients. You can expect the following from our agents:

  • Explain the buying process step by step
  • Help with lender pre-approval
  • Educate you about suitable areas
  • Guide you to homes that fit your criteria
  • Coordinate the work of other needed professionals
  • Facilitate a successful close of escrow
  • Solve any problems that may arise

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Finding the right house is dependent on finding the right agent. Because home buying involves many legal and financial transactions, it’s important to do some research and choose an agent that is well-versed and diligent. Just like lawyers and doctors, the best real estate agents specialise in specific types of sales or certain markets.

At The Valley, our team of individuals hold their own expertise and specialised knowledge of the market here in Silicon Valley. Each one dedicated to helping you understand the process of finding the perfect home and walking you through the process.

From touring neighbourhoods, coordinating showings to filtering unsuitable properties, your agent will keep you on top of the game and answer any questions you may have along the way.

As a home buyer, you might already have a particular city or neighborhood in mind. But instead of zoning in on a specific area, focus on your criteria to help round out your search and open new possibilities you may have never considered.

– Which is more critical: location or size?
– What types of places do I want my home to be close to?
– Is neighborhood stability a priority?

Answering questions like this will highlight your priorities for your first home and help narrow your search. We encourage all of our clients to explore and familiarize with the neighborhoods before they find the excellent fit. Our agents will gladly take you to around through neighborhoods giving you an overview of the area and even present a few homes. They will be a reliable source of information regarding local schools, parks, and appreciation potential of each area.

After finding an agent, it’s important to begin the pre-approval process with a local lender or mortgage broker right away. In Silicon Valley, a pre-approval letter is your ticket in to having your offer even considered. It will also act as your budget. Knowing the loan amount tells you how much you are able to afford and potentially which neighborhoods to conduct your search.

If you need any recommendations, our agents will gladly help direct you to the right lenders and mortgage brokers and guide you through the process. Recommendations are completely free and non-sponsored.

Once you’ve found a home to pursue, it’s important to review the disclosures very carefully provided by the seller’s listing agent. Disclosures include many important items including but not limited to the following:

Property Inspection Report

This report provided by an inspector lists all of the issues with the home. It will cover any notes on the plumbing, the foundation of the home, roof, electrical systems and the overall condition. The report will not include any cost estimates on the repairs.

Pest Inspection Report

This report will note of any damage to the wood that is caused by termites as well as any water damage. This report usually will include costs on repair. The Pest Inspection may report as either a Section I or Section II issue. Section I issues include current problems with the home which generally are the responsibility of the Seller to resolve. Section II issues are foreseeable issues with the home. These issues are usually the Buyer’s responsibility. However, if the house is sold “as is,” the Buyer will be responsible for repairs stated in both sections.

Seller’s Disclosures

The seller’s disclosures contain answers to questions, such as whether there will be of any known construction nearby or if there had been and remodeling done, and if so, whether the remodeling was done with permits. California is very protective of homebuyers and requires sellers to disclose all known material problems a property may have.

Title Report

The title report of a home is much like the title of a car. It is issued by a company and insures that the seller can provide a clean title clear of any liens such as unpaid property taxes.

Homeowners Association Documents

It is important to take note of any HOA dues or requirements before considering to make an offer. Issues include special litigations or a pending increase in HOA dues. Your agent will help you review the disclosures and discuss any concerns you may have regarding them.

Our agents will assist you in submitting a formal offer based on careful market analysis. But before doing so, your agent will work with the listing agent to gain any knowledge that may be of advantage to you during the offer process as well as notify you if there are other parties in the bidding for the home.

Once your offer has been submitted, the seller can choose to accept, reject or counter. A counteroffer accepts all the terms of the contract except for specific terms that will be listed. For example, they may accept the escrow period terms but increase the purchase price. It’s important to note that counteroffers can be made to multiple parties. It is only when an offer is accepted on both ends that a binding contract is formed. Our highly strategic and knowledgeable agents will help lead an offer towards success.

After an agreement has formed, the escrow period begins. During this 30-day period, a third party company acts as an intermediary between you and the seller and holds your down payment and overlooks your contract and the contingencies within it. Some of these contingencies are points we’ve covered earlier:

– Home inspection
– Title
– Final walk-through

If any of these fail to be met, this is the time to determine whether or not you’d like to go through with the contract. Our agents will work with you to assess any issues that may arise during this process and help you come to a conclusion that you’re confident in.

On the day of closing, the money is transferred to the seller and the escrow company records the deed in your name with the county. Our agent will provide you with the keys, garage openers and anything else necessary to access your new home

The home buying process may be tedious and seemingly complicated, but it is also very rewarding when hired the right agents. The Valley team will be here for all of your housing questions or needs before and after you close.

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