A Seller’s Cautionary Guide

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Let’s face it. Once your home is on the market, not every potential buyer will know all the rules or be well qualified. But like any business transaction, there is proper protocol to how sellers, buyers and their respective agents should interact. While your agent should be able to remedy any sticky situations, it’s helpful to expect the unexpected.

Aggressive agents

When your agent puts your house on the market, typically all promotional materials state clearly that your agent is the primary contact for buyers and buyers’ agents. However, sometimes a buyer’s agent will contact a seller directly to try to either win over their business or cut the seller’s agent out of the deal. This is not reputable behavior and should be reported to your agent immediately.

Naive buyers

Yard signs, web listings and other advertisements are meant to generate a lot of buzz around your home. So much buzz that some prospective buyers, particularly first-timers, will hop in their car to check it out. If this happens, no matter how nice these unexpected visitors are, it’s best not to entertain them by discussing your home or giving an impromptu tour. Instead, politely tell them your real estate agent is in charge of scheduling tours and provide them with the agent’s contact information. If you attempt to handle these surprise visits on your own, you might inadvertently disclose information that could hurt you during negotiations down the road.

Shameless vendors

Have you ever started a business or moved into a new house and suddenly found your mailbox full of junk mail? Unfortunately, this also can happen when you put your house on the market. When you sell your home, it necessitates all kinds of new purchasing decisions and sneaky vendors are keenly aware of this. Though MLS organizations enforce rules on how posted information is used, some companies have found ways to cull information from various sources to include them in their mass mailing lists. If you find yourself regularly emptying your mailbox of junk, let your agent know. He or she can tap the appropriate sources to prompt an investigation.

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